How to benefit from IPTV?

It takes onlu a few steps to set up an IPTV service with your device or application. If you are new, there are many websites, YouTube videos that can show you how in 2 minutes for every devices, we added a detailed guide for TV’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets in this page with a YouTube video for each device.

How to use on Smart TVs ?

To install on your smart TV go to the store of application in your smart TV and search for one of the applications listed below

Free applications

Paid applications

For the 5 first free apps above if you find one of theme install it and open it, choose the option to add “API Xtream Codes” you will get a page with 4 fields to fill in ( Name, username, password and URL) in some apps only 3 fields are required ( Username, password and URL).

Get these credentials from the email we sent you under “Xtream codes” section then click “ADD USER” or “Login” depends on what apps.

For the 2 paid apps choose one of them ( Ibo player or Duplecast ) the process is slightly different in the begining, when you install them they will show 2 codes on your screen (Device ID and Device Key ) copy these codes and connect to the official website :

1 – For duplecast : 

2 – For Iboplayer :

fill in these 2 codes to access the page where you can add your playlist and choose ” ADD XTREAM” or ” ADD XC playlist

fill in your credentials ( name, username, password and URL )

Click save and go restart your TV, you will find the playlist click on it , thats it

How to use it on a Smartphone?


1- Download STREAM PLAYER application, which is one of the methods to watch our programs on Android cell phones.
2- Open the application and choose the first option ” Login with new user account “
3- Next page you have 3 fields to fill in with your credentials.
4- Get your credentials (  Username, password and URL ) from Email we sent you.

5- Fill in your credentials and click Login.


1. Download SMARTER PLAYER LITE application, which is one of the methods to watch our programs on IOS phones.

2. Open the application and choose  ” API XTREAM CODES “

3. You will arrive to a page with 4 fields to fill in.
4. Get your credentials ( Name, Username, password and URL ) from Email we sent you.

5. Fill in your credentials carefully and click ADD USER

How to use it on a PC or a laptop?

How to install our server on  IPTV Smarter Pro ( Windows version)?

1. Go to website and scroll down to the section ” Downloads”.
2. Click on “Windows OS” to download the windows version.
3. Install and open, you get some options to choose from, choose  API Xtream Codes.
4. You have now 4 fields to fill in ( name, username, password, URL), we sent these credentials to your email .
5. fill in your credentials and click ADD USER.


Let’s prepare you a Popcorn experience!

Watch live TV, series and movies at home or on-the-go on all devices and without freeze, we have a Real-time image enabled, so no delay.